International Travel Safety Tips! Travel outside the country, safe and sound.

There is an undeniable fact that most people might have the great chance to travel abroad at some point. It might be a work trip, a pleasure cruise, a vacation, or a honeymoon. Whatever the purpose of that international travel is, see to it that you make yourself safe from whatever hassles may come. Some basic precautions will help you be prepared for international travel.

Basic tips for how to travel abroad safely!

These are travel safety tips you are a good start for those looking for ways to maximize their fun and minimize their hassles.

International Travel Safety Tips

  • Get your papers in order. Make sure that you've gotten the correct passport, visa, IDs, and more. ALWAYS double check everything; these are the most important things you have to secure before anything else when planning a trip abroad. Be sure to fill in the information for the emergency contacts as well! Do not skip any information. 
  • Research your destination. Read, watch, and listen to as much info about the country as possible. Get to know the country you want to visit. The Consular information sheets would likely be essential reading material, as well. You really have to get to know the country you choose to visit. After daydreaming about the popular tourist spots, make sure to learn about local customs, the kind of manners they expect from locals and visitors alike. Some things that may be very polite in your country may be very rude in another. Watch travel shows, read blogs, check wikipedia and more.
  • Learn the laws of the land. You're in their house, so respect their rules. You have to obey the rules and law of the country you are visiting. This is especially important for countries with strict laws, non-Westernized countries, religious countries etc. Don't let your week-long visit turn into a 20 year prison sentence because you didn't research local laws.
  • Respect local customs. Be aware of traditions and customs. Not only are you a representative of your home country in these foreign destinations, you are also subjecting yourself to possible hassle or even danger if you don't respect local customs. Do not make yourself an outcast and don't hurt others just because you have gone against their traditional beliefs, regardless of how you personally feel about them. In the interest of safety, when you are in their space is not the time to stand on a soapbox and preach another way of life. When you show respect to the culture, you will be safer and sow the seeds of respect for your home and culture as well.
  • Make copies of your travel IDs. Keep copies of your passport, visa, etc in a safe place, like in your hotel safe or hidden in your luggage. Do not give yourself the chance to leave your passport in your wallet, which may end up forgotten on a bar or landmark.
  • Know where the US embassy is and how to get there. Memorize the address, shortest routes, and phone number in case of trouble.

These are just the quickest tips for basic safety when traveling abroad. The most important thing you can do is research.

Don't avoid the horror stories, but don't be daunted by them either!

It's bad to let fear be your guide, but if you are planning on international travel then you are already an adventurous person. It doesn't hurt to be a little cautious if that's the case. This is especially important if you are traveling to countries or territories that the government deems to be risky at all. Don't avoid the horror stories or think "that is an exaggeration, that could never happen to me". The hard truth is that tourists who fall victim to scams, violence, or wilderness danger can sometimes blame ignorance and arrogance for their trouble. Learn from the mistakes of others so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest in your travels.

Wanderlust is a beautiful thing, and the world is full of wonders to behold, but don't throw caution to the wind. After all, the saying You Only Live Once is not just a warning of wasted time, but a warning that you only get one chance to live! Find a balance between caution and adventure and you will be able to enjoy your wanderlust for a long, healthy life!

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  1. These are really nice tips that you've shared here. The thrill of discovering and learning new things is just like a fire I can't quench. So far I have been to several countries like Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, UK, and seeing your blog I love it. I feel there is a thing or two I could learn merely reading through your blog posts. They are just so amazing and I don't think I have seen any writing like this before, so accurate and informative. I would also love to contribute to your blog my experiences and travel (that is, if you let me).