The Best Part of Traveling with a Group on a Cruise

When traveling, it's sometimes best to travel with a group rather than travel solo. For the extrovert traveler this is the obvious choice, but even those who enjoy solitude might be happier if they have a support network with them while traveling. Here's why...

Of course traveling is supposed to be about having fun, experiencing adventures and new locations. But there's something about traveling with a group that makes travel even more fun. But who should be in your travel group? A travel group could be anything from just you and your spouse, your troupe of besties, maybe a family reunion, even a group of co-workers! Whoever makes up your travel group, big or small, it's definitely going to be an unforgettable experience.

Planning for Group Travel on a Cruise

Planning might be easy for one but organizing for a whole group could be tough. You need to keep everyone's preferences in mind while trying to be fair to the whole group. Make sure to talk to everyone about their feelings about the trip. Ask if they have any worries, ask if they have any special requests. A group meeting beforehand is great for this. If you're in charge of planning, make sure to get some alone time with each traveler before the trip as well in case there is something they didn't want to bring up, such as medical issues.

Consider using a travel agent to plan your cruise

Choosing and seeking the help of a reliable travel agent is a determinant if the trip would be hassle free or the other way around. Make sure that you will choose according to the credibility the agency owns due to its experience in handling group trips or travel.

After a research on the possible cruise lines, make a comparison of all the amenities and destinations and see which one meets both your travel requests and your budget. Take your time on this and make sure everyone is on the same page to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings later.

Remember to get a copy of the contract contract you have with your travel agent. Have everything in both digital and print outs, like your reservations and itineraries, as well as recommended packing lists. Email everything to yourself and save it on your phone, and share it with everyone in the group.

Organizing Group Shore Tours

When there are shore tours, have a copy of the list of buses, timetable of the tour and assign somebody to be responsible for the seating arrangements and if ever the honorarium for the drivers are included in the fee.

Assure that the cruise activities are exclusively for all the members only. Outsiders must not be allowed to join or meddle on the affairs of the group and the ship or line must provide the security the group deserves to have on the entire trip.

If the group comes in a bigger number, ask for the help of those responsible and choose a part of the ship where you all could sit down and talk. If there are concerns or problems, this would serve as the venue for that too.

A list of all the important contacts in case of any problem and the list of room assignments must be secured too. Activities, if pre-arranged must be in coordination with the Guest Relation Officer.

For meals, the group must be in contact with the restaurant manager. Group leaders may be assigned for larger groups.

With all these, points to ponder- make the best out of your GROUP TRIP!
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