4 Cruise Myths That Simply Aren't True in 2017

"I would LOVE to go on a cruise someday, but I don't want to put up with, you know, that..." my friend Sherri said over dinner one night last month. I paused mid-bite and resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Sherri I love you but you can sometimes be a little overly dramatic. I'm pretty sure I recall a certain someone stepping in dog poo at a local park once and threatening to sue for emotional damages. But I WAS curious what she was so worried about that she would avoid cruises all together. Okay Sherri, I'll bite.

"With what?" I asked.

"Well, you know, cruises have so many old people. Does anyone even play shuffle board anymore?"

I was shocked! It's 2017. Come on Sherri. I can't believe anyone would believe those clich├ęs about cruises that haven't been true since the 80s. Shuffle board? Cramped cabins? And what's wrong with old people anyway? No no no, this won't do. Time to put these cruise myths to bed, once and for all.

In 2017, luxury cruises are available for people of all ages and travel styles. Millennial looking for adventure and exotic locations? There's a cruise for that. Gen-Xer wanting to surprise your girlfriend with a romantic, quiet getaway? There's a cruise for that! Looking for a way to make grandma, grandpa, husband, and the kids happy all at once? There are TONS of cruises for that. Modern cruise lines are all about tailoring the cruise experience to your style.

Cruise Myth #1: Cruises are Boring

One of the most common myths is that cruises are boring. You're going to be stuck in a tiny cabin with nothing to do for days at a time between ports, right? No way!

Cruise Fact: Cruises are PACKED with stuff to do!

So much room for activities! Tons to do on modern cruises.
There are tons of activities waiting for you on modern cruises. Popular cruise lines like Carnival are known for having a wide selection of onboard activities such as comedy tours, concerts, water park activities like water slides and wave pools, mini golf, and IMAX movie theaters. Royal Caribbean offers extreme sports like zip lining and rock climbing, as well as tamer stuff like art studios, video game lounges, and more. Almost any big cruise is going to have multiple dance clubs for nightlife experiences, as well as full-service spas that offer manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages.

Introvert? Like things quiet? You can hang out in your room and enjoy the views as you travel. Most modern cruise ships offer wifi internet connections in your cabin and out and about on the ship. TVs in the rooms offer cable TV line ups. Sit back, relax, catch up on Game of Thrones and let your more active cabin mates go out and enjoy themselves. There is something for everyone to do.

Cruise Myth #2: Cruises are Uncomfortable

This is another persistent myth about cruises even today. Most of us aren't among the wealthy elite, which means we can only afford cruise cabins without windows that are tiny and sweltering hot. Plus Uncle Frank gets soooo seasick. And everything is so crowded! Right? Wrong!

Cruise Fact: Cruises are (mostly!) super plush!

Luxury cruise line balcony state room suite
Modern cruise cabins are super comfortable. This is nicer than my own house, honestly.

It's true that you're not always going to be able to afford staterooms with balconies, but even interior cabins are really comfortable in today's cruise ships! They can usually sleep up to five people with walking room to spare, queen and even king sized beds, have a spacious bathroom with shower, desk, lounge furniture (even if it's just an arm chair), and tons of storage space. Ocean view and balcony rooms are going to be bigger and usually have a dedicated couch and dining area. Suites of course have the most room. Usually it means a bigger balcony, a bathroom with a soaking tub, and lots of extra sitting and storage space. No matter what you choose, today's cruise ships offer lots of plush comforts in every cabin style.

Seasickness is an unfortunate side effect for people with motion sickness who travel. I suffer from it myself. There are lots of over-the-counter seasickness medicines that will help you (Bonine is my favorite), and even all natural remedies like ginger, fennel seeds, and peppermint that stop and prevent nausea. Most cruise ships are so big that you don't feel any motion at all. Stabilizers go a long way in correcting that uncomfortable lurch on the high seas. If you suffer from seasickness, it's best to pick a cabin near the center of the ship for the most stability. Most cruise lines recommend going for a quick walk on deck, slow deep breaths, and keeping your eye on the horizon if you feel overwhelmed. However, most people find that motion sickness is not nearly as much of a problem as they feared.

Cruise Myth #3: Cruises are for Old People

Worried you’d going to be lost in a sea of silver? It is certainly true that older generations enjoy the comfort and all-inclusive amenities of cruises, but long gone are the days when cruises were only for retired couples only looking for quiet activities like shuffleboard.

Cruise Fact: There are Cruises for Everyone

Cruise ship activities for millennials
This isn't your grandma's cruise experience. Unless your grandma is into rock climbing.

There are many fantastic styles of cruises for people of all ages and travel styles. It’s easy for you to tailor your cruise experience to your tastes. Some cruises focus on exotic adventure ports, others focus more with onboard activities and comfort. There are even cruises with specific themes like culinary tastings (foodie cruises!), cruises that are like floating conventions for your favorite TV shows and movies, fitness cruises, and more. There are whole-ship themes and partial-ship themes too, so if you and your cruise mates don’t agree on a theme you can pick and choose what activities are right for you.

Cruise Myth #4: Cruises are Dangerous

Movies like Titanic don’t do much to inspire faith in cruise line safety. Common fears include power loss, running aground, contagious illness, and of course sinking. But how often do incidents like these actually happen?

Cruise Fact: You're more likely to be struck by lightning that be in serious danger on a cruise.

The last major incident for a cruise line was almost 25 years ago when a smaller cruise line hit ice in the Baltic Sea. More popular cruise lines that use larger, more modern ships in milder waters are exponentially safer than just walking outside your house in the rain. You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than be on a ship that requires evacuation. Simple issues like power outages or the occasional plumbing blockage may occur, but they are usually temporary inconveniences. And you can count on one hand how many cruise ships have actually sank in the last 30 years. Among those incidents, evacuations were completely successful in the larger, more modern cruise lines.

You’re much more likely to get into a dangerous car accident than be caught in a dangerous incident on a cruise ship.
The REAL DEAL about Modern Cruises in 2017

These are the four biggest cruise myths that stubbornly refuse to give up even today. As technology improves, cruises will only continue to get more affordable and more luxurious. So feel free to treat yourself to these all-inclusive vacations if you’re curious about the cruise lifestyle!

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